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The Bible offers a wealth of wisdom for navigating life's challenges and joys, including the sacred bond of marriage. Recently, I was struck by the timeless insights found in Genesis 24, a chapter that paints a beautiful picture of the qualities that contribute to a fulfilling lifelong partnership.

Love is Not About You

One of the most profound lessons from this chapter is the idea that true love is centered on wanting the best for the other person. It challenges us to shift our focus from "What can I get?" to "How can I serve?" Marriage isn't about fulfilling a list of our own needs; it's about embracing a servant's heart and joyfully meeting the needs of our partner.

Rebecca: A Model of Service and Contentment

The story of Rebecca in Genesis 24 is a beautiful example of this selfless love. Her willingness to offer assistance without being asked shows a generous spirit that's essential in marriage. Additionally, Rebecca's contentment with her situation is inspiring. Her example reminds us to find joy in the present and focus on the blessings we have, even amidst life's changes.

Seeking God in Your Marriage

Above all, Rebecca's faith and willingness to follow God's leading are perhaps the most important lesson for couples. Just as she trusted in divine guidance, we must seek God's wisdom in our marriages. This means prayer, seeking counsel, and sometimes letting go of our own plans for the greater good of our partnership.

A Lifetime Commitment

These lessons remind me that being a good spouse is a journey, not just a single act on our wedding day. It's about daily choosing selfless love, unwavering support, and building a foundation of faith.

My hope is that whether you're married, engaged, or dreaming of that special someone, these lessons from Genesis 24 will inspire you. May they help you cultivate a marriage that's not only lasting but one that overflows with love, joy, and a deep reflection of God's own heart.